Is covid over yet? I think we can all say the last few years can be summed up to "I need a drink." The more the world changed, Driftwood moved with it thanks to the love of all of our Driftwood babes.  Now going into 2022, our team is growing and we are hard at work opening the Driftwood Homestore by spring/summer...fingers crossed. And by we are hard at work, I mean my husband Ariel is. Nonetheless, stay tuned! 

Driftwood Home Store Dream Board

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From One Adventure to the Next

This is what we like to call our Driftwood Era. We are in our groove and ready to take on whatever comes at us, and our little Driftwood army. We are full of caffeine, dressed to impress, and always down for happy hour. We truly put the Maui lifestyle into the lifestyle boutique. But that is exactly how I envisioned Driftwood to be and I hope that whenever you shop here it's an experience and one to never forget. Who else lets you come in and shop while drinking chilled wine every Sunday? 
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New to the Driftwood Crew

The Driftwood originals are myself (Carrie) and Rachael the lovely manager. Rachael's jewelry game is like no other and you're lucky to have her in the store to help style and give you her honest opinions when you just can't decide. Rachael is the eyes and ears of Driftwood, especially when it comes to our extensive collection of jewelry. But in all seriousness, Rachael is the backbone of Driftwood inputting and managing all the products that enter our doors (which is a lot). She works hard to make sure this space is present and shoppable in store and online. 

Next, we welcomed on our Online Manager and Model, Grace. That tall girl with beautiful long hair and a style like no other? Yup, that's the one. Grace rules over the online store as she is the face you see when you scroll the website. In store she is behind the window displays and merchandising the store. Grace is your girl when you are in search of the perfect outfit, she truly has an eye for style, and will make sure you feel confident in what you wear. 

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After, Grace soon came Emily. These two are peas in a pod. Emily was once a loyal customer and she just didn't want to miss out on all the fun. In September we hired her on as the Social Media and Online Content Manager. The lady behind the fan favorite reels, Emily works to make sure Driftwood is your favorite feed to check up on. We may be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't have to try too hard. Emily is always thinking of ways to make our online content shoppable, so if you are liking something we are doing, let her know. She loves to meet the people of Driftwood. 

Last, but not least, came Skyler and Maggie. These two will be your Sunday girls. They are new as of 2 weeks ago and will be the faces behind Drink Pink Sundays. Come drink some wine and get to the know the newest additions to the Driftwood crew. 

Now that you know the faces behind Driftwood, don't be shy and come say hi! As always stay tuned to the journey. 


Carrie, Rachael, Grace, Emily, Skylar, and Maggie 


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