She is the mother of 5, a wife, photographer, vegan and homeschool honcho. Please meet, Chelsea Aaron, a Maui mama I have been insta-stalking for about a year!

Why? Because this lady and her family have an inspired, island dream life.

Chelsea jean, family, Ohana, island living, natural, vegan, travel

So what is the secret to having the sweet life?  According to this mama, its all about taking it one day at a time.

You and your husband Ryan recently welcomed your 5th baby into the world.  Did you always imagine a big family? 

Chelsea - "We always loved the idea of having lots of children but did not necessarily plan the outcome.  We just kept ourselves open to the possibility."

big family, maui, vegan, nature, travel, natural, love, twin falls

You home school your oldest children.  What inspired the shift from traditional school?

Chelsea - "Now that our family has grown it is honestly easier to have them home with me plus I missed them when they were gone all day"

Your Instagram profile is such a gorgeous account of your wonderful lives. What is one of your favorite things to do to keep your tribe so happy?

Chelsea - "We plan an outing almost every day. I usually pile the kids into the van and we head out to Hana and spend the day exploring a water fall, hit up a fruit stand and have a picnic.  There is no better way to connect to your family than when you are connecting with nature as well."

big family, maui, vegan, nature, travel, natural, love, twin falls

Your oldest son was struggling to maintain a healthy weight and as a result your family transitioned into a plant based diet. Is it difficult to maintain this lifestyle when dealing with younger eaters who can often be picky?

Chelsea - "It can seem daunting at first but truly once you move into this way of life its second nature"

What is your advice to other mom's who want to live a Chelsea Aaron life.

Chelsea - "When I became a mom I thought that meant killing all the freedom and selfish joy in my life and replacing it with responsibilities. Well I’ve beat the odds of my own beliefs and perceptions. I now live a life I love, surrounded with the people I love, which in return brings me so much joy. I’d recommend pushing hard and to embrace every moment and live every second. If you follow your heart you’ll find out how to be happy and how to be successful. In the end, no matter how hard it is, it will all be worth it! Simply try to embrace and enjoy your life. Here are a few things I like to refer to daily to stay on the path I’m on and continue enjoying the life I live while also trying to uplift my family:

Focus, know what you want, never compare, believe, accept failure, help others, avoid negativity, be patient and show love. Mom life can be hard, but there is nothing that comes close to the rewards you get in return. In the end you’ve got to be passionate and really love what you do. Life is good if you want it to be. Just enjoy the process, love challenges and reach to achieve bigger goals."

big family, maui, vegan, nature, travel, natural, love, twin falls

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