What happens when Maui surf bum, Luke Walsh, and Cali girl, Kelly Keenan, fall in love? They make Peshtemals of course. This charismatic couple combined their mutual love for the ocean and their desire to fully live a beach lifestyle to bring you Kipa Beach - a one-stop-shop for all beachgoers towel needs, offering an array of soft, beautiful (Turkish Towels) and Roundies (Round Beach Towels).

Kelly Kennan, Co-Founder of Kipa Beach Towels

Kipa (pronounced key-pa) is an abbreviation of the Hawaiian word Ho'okipa (pronounced ho-o-key-pa). In Hawaiian, the meaning of Ho'okipa is "hospitality" and KIPA is translated as "to visit."
"Luke and I met in Cabo while working at a surf industry event for our respective jobs, but ironically lived down the street from each other in Newport Beach CA...We launched Kipa Beach in June 2015 then moved to Maui together. And, that's our crazy love story in a nutshell…we’ve been together for 4 years now, but who's counting?” -Kelly Keenan
The creation of Kipa Beach was inspired by Luke and Kelly’s favorite Maui Beach, Ho'okipa (where Luke grew up surfing with family and friends), and their combined love of travel.
“Everything we design resembles Maui in some way, which is what makes our Kipa Beach towels so special, and most importantly, one-of-a-kind...
  • A portion of our Peshtemal collection are made with 100% bamboo cotton while the others are 100% cotton (these are the Turkish towels).
  • The colorways, patterns, and designs of our Roundies (The Kipa and The Mission) were specifically designed based off our adventures around the island. For example, the vibrant red/brown color on The Mission Roundie represents Maui's Red Sand Beach and the dark blue resembles Maui's vast deep blue sea.” –Keenan


When asked what she loved most about Kipa Beach, Kelly had a plethora of answers. But, to sum it up, her answer was primarily about their families and customers.
“I love the support we've received from our Maui and Cali ohana, they've been there from the start. And, when it comes to our Kipa Beach customers, I love seeing the creative ways they’re using, wearing and wrapping our towels. Whether they're wearing our Peshies as a headpiece, wrapping it Tahitian style around their caboose, or even using our Roundies and Peshies as home decor - I'm impressed and love it all!” -Keenan

With so much love behind the scenes of this glowing Maui based company, it’s clear how unique and special their products are. Whether your paradise is home on Maui, or across the globe, daydreamers and sun-seekers can enjoy the spirit of Aloha anywhere, anytime with Kipa Beach





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