When you live in Hawaii, you need reminders of what season we are actually in. That Endless Summer Lifestyle is in full effect, but every now and then we do begin to notice a change in the air. When the temperature hits that brisk 70 degrees, we can actually put on our sweaters. 

And it wouldn’t be a new season without trends, and new color schemes, and all the goodies we love to fill our homes with.  

This one goes out to our Upcountry neighbors, to those on the South and West side, come venture over to escape the heat and embrace your pumpkin spice dreams.

Starting off strong, we had to shine a spotlight on our vast Candle collection. Grab a match and start lighting the beautifully scented P.F. Candles that transport you right into a pumpkin patch. Spice Pumpkin, Apple Picking, and Spruce are looking for a place to be perched. And once you get a whiff of these fragrances, one just won’t be enough. 

Fall candles, Pumpkin, Fall, favorites, apple, apple picking, spruce
Fall candles, Pumpkin, Fall, favorites, apple, apple picking, spruce

Now when our brains think of fall, the first thing to come to mind is…

Suede, bag, fall, Hammitt, Crossbody, leather, brown
Suede, bag, fall, Hammitt, Crossbody, leather, brown


That might just be the boutique in us talking, but suede deserves to be talked about. Since we can’t wear our suede in this Maui weather, we accessorize with it. Clhei and Hammitt, speak our love language and have mastered the look in the Makena, Rio, Waimea, Coin Purse, and Hammitt’s latest VIP. The color pallets of these bags are screaming fall and they are prepped and ready to hold your sunnies and lip gloss while we head over to the Pumpkin Patch at Kula Country Farms. 

And we can’t neglect our beach lovers, because after all, the season change doesn’t affect our sun time.

Our Vintage Kantha collection has grown to meet the needs of our upcountry crew ready to cozy up for a Fall night at Poli Poli, but they are also ready to be sprawled out by the ocean. This new batch is packed with deep colors, patchwork, embroidery, and now comes in King size.  There’s truly something for everyone. I know I have my eyes on a few.

Vintage, Kantha, Blanket, Throw, Patches, repurposed

Lastly, let’s talk about Pistola. We are already obsessed with everything denim as is, but these new looks for Fall are taking over. This isn’t just a denim brand, because when they release ready to wear pieces, they mean business. The Grover is a fan favorite, and this color Ivy is setting the standard. Too shy to take on the jumpsuit? Grab the newest pair of Charlie's, and the Blake Jumpsuit in Ivy to finish off the look. This green is bringing us into Fall swiftly and provided a clean and classic piece to the wardrobe. I think Ivy is my new go-to color. 

outfit inspiration for fall in the Pistola Bodysuit
outfit inspiration for fall in the Pistola Grover

With a new season change, we are saying goodbye to our Summer and onto something new. And for Driftwood that means the opening of Home by Driftwood is coming closer. I can’t wait to share with you what we have been working on. This has all been too much fun for me to keep to myself. Stay tuned for the announcement of our Soft opening… 

Happy Fall and happy shopping! 


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