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Lemon Verbena Revitalizing Hydrosol

Aloha Grown Beauty

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2 oz

With it's sweet + delicate lemon aroma this highly energetic hydrosol can help maintain the skin's radiant glow + youthful appearance. Lemon Verbena has also be known for its calming + sedative therapeutic effects on the nervous system.

Skin: Use me to add balance, beauty + moisture back to the skin, while helping to tone + tighten pores. Can be very useful in helping to overcome acne. Spray directly onto skin as often as needed.

Body & Life: Mist me to help calm + relax while boosting focus + concentration. I'm very useful to uplift + balance the physical body + immune system.

Ingredients: Maui grown and steam distilled Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora). 

We slowly steam distill our organic home grown aromatic botanicals in small thought out batches. Ensuring quality we also keep all of the plants natural essential oils in the hydrosols and do not separate them out creating a beautifully unique and naturally effective product. Enjoy!

2oz Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer

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