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Rock Paradise

$ 9.00

This sparkling green stone has long been used by ancient healers and shamans and is known as ‘The Healers Stone’. Fuschite is an intriguing crystal that has strong metaphysical properties that are especially beneficial for you to have in your vicinity. It can assist you in looking after your own needs and requirements, as well as the health and care of your loved ones.

Fuschite opens the heart centre, drawing in warmth and a sense of calm. It has a strong connection to natural earth energies that may cause you to feel as if you are being embraced by Mother Nature herself.

Stone may have little cracks or marring but these are a natural part of the stone.

Lovely item for your collection, a gift or display!

Each stone is hand carved one by one, so they will vary slightly.

Perfect for wire wrapping, display, collecting, chakra balancing, reiki, feng shui, to carry in your pocket.... Great addition to your collection or to give as a gift.

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