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Emilee Kern

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No stranger to heartbreak, Emilee takes her readers on an emotional journey of her losses and triumphs. She bares her soul through stories from her childhood traumas, and shares how her resulting behavioral patterns led her down a path of violent outbursts and an undesirable reputation. Her entire life changed with the realization that she was in charge of creating her reality. Reclaiming her power, she connected to her passions and purpose, and headed out on an adventure that changed her life forever.
Chrysalis: The Transformation of the Human Soul is a self-help book for those looking for encouragement on their journey. It provides you with lessons Emilee has taken away from her raw, personal experiences. Included in the chapters are exercises to help acknowledge your patterns that may be preventing you from accessing the life you desire. Chrysalis: The Transformation of the Human Soul provides visualization practices to help you identify your dreams and create a Vision Board to manifest them into existence.

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